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“Everything is on point. I don’t know if she is a little bit psychic, I don’t know if she is a psychiatrist or a feng shui expert…actually she is all those things in one. Reiko is my new best friend, I love her!”

Kimora Lee Simmons

  • 6 Week Miracle feng shui consultant

6 Week Miracle

It was a tough breakup. We had lived together for years. When he moved out, he took only his clothes. I needed to clear my head and figure out what t ...[Read More]

  • Reiko Home 4 Stories feng shui consultant

4 Stories 1 Theme

Don’t give up on your dream… Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, pitched his book to over 130 different publishers (his agent dumped ...[Read More]

  • Feelings 2 feng shui consultant

Feng Shui your feelings

Are your emotions undermining your dreams? The thing that stops most people from allowing their dreams to come true are persistent negative feelings. ...[Read More]

  • Quiz Thumbnail feng shui consultant

Feng Shui Quiz

Feng Shui is about arranging your space to reflect your vision. It also is about arranging your time and priorities to make sure you're acting on tha ...[Read More]

  • Coffeefeng shui consultant

How I gave up coffee

My name is Reiko, and I’m a coffeeholic. Today is day 30 without coffee (or any caffeine). I was a hardcore user, at least 4 cups a day. I own two co ...[Read More]

  • Accent Pillow feng shui consultant

Make room for love 💓

Valentine's day just passed, but it's never too late for love! Fire up romantic energy at home with these 3 tips: 1. Locate the “hot spot” for love i ...[Read More]

  • Restart Smart feng shui consultant

Restart Smart-2

Hi there, Are you antsy to get into action? I relate! In part two of restart smart, I give feng shui design tips based on two more clients who are op ...[Read More]

  • B Calm Article Thumbnail feng shui consultant


Hi there, I want to share 5 tools I’m using in my home to keep the vibes high and the stress low. I call it: B C A L M   B: best areas of your home B ...[Read More]

  • Moving Forward Thumbnail Reiko

Restart Smart

I'm inspired that several clients are moving ahead with their visions right now: One is setting up a dream office in the heart of the city, another i ...[Read More]


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