Are your emotions undermining your dreams?

The thing that stops most people from allowing their dreams to come true are persistent negative feelings. Usually, this manifests as a sense of doubt or unworthiness.

When you look at feelings from a distance, it’s easy to see that they are paper tigers. They have no inherent power.

Yet they can stop us dead in our tracks.

Feng Shui is a method of finding the imbalances in our environment and making simple yet significant adjustments to get the energy flowing again.

So how do you “feng shui” your feelings?

Three steps:

1. Feel the feeling
You can’t change something by denying it exists. Acknowledge how you feel, and accept that emotions are there.

2. Remember that feelings are NOT facts
Look objectively at the issue that is creating charged emotions, and ask yourself: are there facts about the situation that actually contradict your feelings?

When you add in those facts, can you see that the emotions you’re feeling might not be totally accurate?

3. Break the emotional spell
Rather than acting on your feelings, do something that gets you out of your head: move your body (go for a walk outside), get laughing (watch a funny video), or grab a cold drink and call a friend.

After taking these 3 steps, relook at the situation that brought up those strong feelings and see if you have a new insight or are inspired to take an action…

I have found that good ideas often show up after I take steps to loosen the grip of emotions.

Feng Shui your feelings to get the positive mental energy moving.

Then, make space for your dreams to turn into reality.

Sending sunny vibes your way,