Decluttering is about making sure what you possess matches who you want to be and how you want to live.

When I was younger, I had a dream of living light as a feather. I imagined myself as a world traveler, operating out of a single suitcase. If I ever owned a home, it would be kept looking as clean and stylish as a boutique hotel. Clutter free and minimal, yet warm and inviting.

As time passed and my life grew larger, the dream of a perfectly arranged life took a backseat to getting married, growing a business, buying a fixer-upper house that needed extensive renovations, etc…

Needless to say, I was not living my “light as a feather” dream.

However, several years later I had a strong longing to reengage my vision of living light. So, starting with small steps, I began purging, decluttering, and simplifying my home…and then my business, and eventually…even my body.

Today, my house looks a lot like a stylish inn, my business is completely contained on my laptop, and my body is a weight I haven’t been since high school.

I’m more motivated than ever to continue the decluttering and, by extension, to see how good life can get.

If you want to get motivated to start decluttering, try this quick meditation:

1. Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Now, think about your ideal self. Really feel who you want to be. See the great YOU who lives within.

2. Now, imagine the things that this wonderful YOU would wear, use and possess. They would all be things that you truly love. They would feel good, look good, and match the true you.

3. Then think of your space, and picture that everything in your surroundings not only “sparks joy” but actually proves to you that you ARE who say you are – your great self.

Are you feeling it? Dig deep until you get it.

4. Now, pull out your journal and list the general areas that you want to declutter in order to match your great self (such as clothes, office drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc.)

5. Once you’ve made your list, number the list from easiest to most difficult. Start decluttering the easiest items, so you can quickly start seeing results and build momentum to continue on with your list.

Return to the above meditation whenever you start a decluttering session, so that you can stay connected with your vision of your great self.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to share decluttering tips that are working for you.

Wishing you a life that reflects your greatness,