I was recently doing a zoom consultation for a client when I mentioned that she needed to add the element “Earth” to a room, in order to increase business success and fame. She exclaimed “but what if I don’t like earth tones? I don’t want to paint my room brown!”

I relate, I’m not a big fan of earth tones either. So in this season of autumn leaves and pumpkin spice, it seems a good moment to share with you other chic, elegant ways you can bring Earth element into your home without going all orange, yellow and tan.

In Feng Shui, the element Earth helps to stabilize and support you in your endeavors. Where it’s needed in your home, exactly, is based on the calendar year and your home’s compass direction. (To find your home’s best Earth areas, check out my Feng Shui Tips for 2021, or book me for a custom home consultation.)

Here are some of my recent favorite Earth decor solutions:

In lighting: Crystal light fixtures are a perfect form of Earth – in fact crystals in anything is great Earth (pic: courtesy Arhaus)

In side tables: Marble in any tone, like this cool pink, is a big dose of Earth in a small footprint (pic: courtesy CB2)

In tile: Usually made of porcelain, stone, or quartz, all tile is Earth and can be in any color you choose (pic: courtesy Tile Bar)

In hardware: In the spirit of the season, my friend Katherine’s amazing collection uses brilliant crystals, including these fun skulls (pic: courtesy Matthew Studio)

Do you have a fabulous earth suggestion to add to this list? Hit reply and let me know!

I’m always looking for beautiful decor that doubles as powerful Feng Shui energy.

Let the element Earth create a grounding, nurturing feeling in your home – no beige required.