It was a tough breakup. We had lived together for years. When he moved out, he took only his clothes.

I needed to clear my head and figure out what to do next, so I decided to sublet our apartment and move into a spiritual ashram for a few months.

I rented out my furnished apartment to a couple of young women, and I left New York (and my sad, cluttered home) behind.

My time in the ashram was profound, and my plan to stay a few months stretched into years.

During that period, a friend in the ashram gave me a book on feng shui and I was instantly hooked. I started decluttering and arranging my tiny room, and the rooms of all my monastic neighbors.

(It would become the start of many years of in-depth study on the subject.)

When I moved back to my old NYC apartment, it was like stepping back in time. I walked into the life, and relationship, that had gone bad.

Everything I saw reminded me of that old life…

and I wanted NONE of it.

Knowing a small amount of feng shui, I understood that I needed to purge the past in order to let a wonderful new future begin.

So, I asked my subletters to take whatever they wanted. The two women were shocked, but happy to oblige.

They came back the next day with a U-Haul to pack up my past life.

When they were done, I cleaned my place from top to bottom, painted everything in light, soft colors, and ordered a new mattress which I placed on the bare floor of my empty apartment.

It was the best sleep I ever had šŸ˜Š

Then, I did engaged in a process that, from that point forward, became one of the key components in my feng shui design:

I told my home what I wanted.

I wanted a beautiful relationship with a loving person, so I carefully wrote out my vision of the ideal romance.

In this vision I articulated many things, including one oddly specific detail that appealed to me:

My new beau and I would shop at the Union Square farmers market together (Iā€™m not sure why I added this tidbit, but it made me happy to imagine it).

Well, within 6 weeks, Mr. Right appeared, and we started dating.

As luck would have it, he lived on the same street as the Union Square farmers market!

We just celebrated 21 years of incredibly blissful marriage. šŸ’–


Here are some essential questions to ask yourself before 2021 comes to a close:

– What dream do you still want to fulfill?

– What goal do you still want to reach?

– What project needs a gentle push to get you over the finish line?