more than just a pretty space by reiko gomez

Rethink and reinvigorate your life and living space in this practical and inspirational guide from Reiko Gomez, the founder of Reiko Home.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience creating inspiring spaces for A-list Hollywood actors and producers, restaurants, spas, Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of homeowning clients, Reiko brings her unique blend of feng shui and design techniques into your home to transform your environment, no matter the size of your space or your budget.

This is more than a home improvement book. In this fun, hands-on guide, Reiko teaches you to clarify your personal vision, feng shui and style your home, and dramatically improve your belief that you can have the life of your dreams. By the time you’ve been through her unique Dream Design Process, you will have created a space that feels wonderful, looks beautiful, and draws miracles into your life.

“When we create a home that mirrors the life we want to live, we attract that life to us.”

With real-life examples culled from years of experience in the field, and workbook-style exercises to guide you along the way, More Than Just a Pretty Space provides all the tools you’ll need to design a house that both matches and manifests the things you want most in life.