When it comes to Feng Shui, you want to avoid “SHAs”

A Sha is any item in your home that feels bad, seems threatening, or decreases your energy.

Examples include:

  • a sharp corner that juts prominently into the room
  • furniture from a past relationship that ended badly
  • the metal legs on a table where you have stubbed your toe
  • artwork that evokes an unpleasant emotion

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable (especially if you couldn’t explain exactly why) you were probably experiencing a Sha.

Scan your space for things that don’t feel good.

Here are 3 common Sha’s to look for, along with suggested solutions:

1. A sharp corner jutting into the room

Solution: Add a tall potted plant or a folding screen in front of the corner to “soften” it

2. A piece of furniture that you’ve either stubbed your toe on, or feel like you might

Solution: Change the furniture to one where the legs are tucked further underneath. Or, if you often hit the corner of your bed, consider changing to a bed with an upholstered frame.

3. Any items that is tied to the past in an unhappy way – for example, furniture that reminds you of a relationship that went bad

Solution: Let those pieces go. When you are ready to purchase new items, make sure you shop when you are in an optimistic frame of mind.

When your space is free of things that trigger negative feelings or subtly drain you, you have more positive energy freed up, so that you can enjoy your life and pursue your dreams.

What Shas do you see in your space?

What is your plan to remedy them and improve your home’s energy?

Want help solving your Shas?

Submit a comment and let me know!

Wishing you happy days in a happy home,