Nickel furniture is having a moment…see below

Why should you care? Because Metal is hands down the best feng shui remedy for helping protect against illness and potential accidents. 

In my Feng Shui Consultations there are always a few places where I recommend adding the element metal. This can be anything made of brass, steel, chrome, copper, etc.

If you haven’t had a personal consultation: in my 2021 annual Feng Shui tips I recommend adding some metal in the North and Southeast to keep health strong this year.

Clients often get stumped about how to add “metal”, but actually it’s super easy: Look for beautiful furniture or accessories that feature metal.

PRO TIP: Feng Shui is based on the 5 elements of nature, and an advanced reading shows the stronger and weaker spots in a home. The weak areas can always be remedied by adding one of the 5 elements, which your feng shui report shows you.


One of my go-to furniture companies, Bungalow 5, put together a list of their fabulous nickel furniture: tables, cabinets, and accessories.

See how easy it is to add good style (and good energy) into your home?


I share this not to make a plug for Bungalow 5 (although if you want help with ordering anything let me know). It’s to show you some stylish ways to bring feng shui remedies into your home and improve your life!
Wishing you joy in these brighter spring days…


PS: stylish feng shui design solutions are what I love 😍 If you’d like to explore having a feng shui consultation and infusing good vibes & good style into your home, drop me a note!