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Q: Hi Reiko, we would like to know how we should set up our home to let future business opportunities flourish. My contract ends soon and we are open to ideas.

Thank you for your years of support!
T & B
Miami FL

A: Use these three steps to align and empower your space and welcome new business opportunities: Feng Shui remedies, Organization, and Visualization.

Step 1. Feng Shui remedies – Best areas for success
Based on my 2021 Feng Shui tips:

In the West, Add EARTH to increase wealth and power
In the Northwest, add FIRE to attract more fame, press and wealth.

Hopefully your home office falls in the West or NW. If not, make sure it’s strong by looking at the tips for that part of the house.

Step 2. Organize your home office using this checklist

  1. Create a clean and clutter free desk surface, and relatively organized office
  2. Place your desk in a power position, with your back towards a wall and facing diagonally from the door (never facing a wall)
  3. Good lighting, pretty views or looking at great artwork that uplifts you
  4. Ask yourself: Does the office reflect the position I want to have or type of work I want to do? Does it match how I want to be seen by my future clients or employer?
  5. Think about what that office from point 4 would look like, and design accordingly.

Step 3. Create a vision statement about your new opportunity

Write it in the present tense. It can be as general or specific as needed, based on how clear you are about what you want.

General Example: “I’m so thrilled with how my career has unfolded! This latest opportunity is a dream come true!”

Specific Example: “I’m so moved that my employer renewed my contract and gave me so many of the additional items I’d been asking for!”

Read your vision statement a few times a week, and sit with it for a minute or two, feeling the good vibes go through your body and mind.

Good luck – or should I say congrats – on your next career opportunity!


PS: Feel free to send me your feng shui questions, just hit reply now. I will be answering occasionally in my weekly newsletters. Keep an eye out for your answer!

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