I recently saw a longtime client, Jake, who was very excited to tell me that he finally cleaned out his cluttered attic (something he had put off for years).

I immediately noticed a change in Jake: he had lost weight. I complimented him on this, and he mentioned that it happened around the same time he finished decluttering the attic. He said he didn’t even officially “diet” – the weight just seemed to fall away.

I’ve found there is a connection between a light home and a light body. More than a few of my clients lost weight after they started decluttering.

Why would weight loss happen?

Because achieving balance is an energetic process, and our bodies are pure energy. When we let go of the items that do not directly “feed” who we truly are, we release the weight of the past.

When we stop buying into the guilt or obligations we think we have towards others, we let go of those perceived burdens in our life.

Believe it or not, all of that can happen as you release stuff that no longer serves you. A ripple effect is often created, extending into every part of our life: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I can’t say that weight loss is guaranteed, but I do know that decluttering and organizing your space can open an energetic pathway that leads to transforming your physical body.

If you’re interested in doing this, you might want to couple your decluttering work with an outside weight loss program or nutritionist that can further support you in reaching your health and weight loss goals.

This is just one more reason to tackle that cluttered attic (or garage, or bedroom closet) that you’ve been avoiding!

Have you had this experience? Or have you seen this or other rewards as a result of decluttering?

Hit reply and tell me about it!