How much good can you stand?

Worthiness def: the quality of being good enough, deserving attention or respect, having value

Lately I’ve been feeling a little uncomfortable with how good my life is.

I can do what I want, I’m financially secure, and I’m very happy.

I’ve deliberately created a lifestyle for myself that matches my vision of freedom.

It’s taken time and work, and as a result my dream is becoming my daily life experience.

I’m thrilled with my life, and yet a funny feeling sometimes arises…

I wonder if I truly deserve this.

Have you ever felt this way?

In my work, I focus on how to align our homes and ourselves with our dreams. I’ve developed a process to do this that has had a great impact for many people.

Now, I’m learning that achieving our dream is not the end of the process. The work continues as we learn to accept that we are truly worthy of living our dream.

Realizing that, I began asking myself some questions. I offer these contemplations to help you reflect on your own self-worth:

Where does worthiness come from? Is it something that is “earned”?

– We can’t take credit for our worthiness, it is our birthright.

– We don’t take credit for breathing air, our bodies are built to inhale and exhale throughout our entire lives.

– In the same way, we came preloaded with the ‘Worthiness App’. 📱 It was installed by our Higher Power (the Universe, God or Goddess, or whatever greater source you believe in).

– It’s simply who we already are.

– And while we can’t take credit for having it, there are ways we can protect and nurture it.

What diminishes our worthiness?

While we are always worthy, there are certain behaviors that create a smokescreen, and make us forget our worth, such as:

– Comparing ourselves to others

– Resenting people, institutions, or situations

– Harming ourselves in any way, either through substances, physically, or emotionally

How do we feel more worthy?

– By offering the gifts we were given with the world, in large or small ways.

– Just as we came in preloaded with the Worthiness app, we also have our “Unique Abilities App’ 📱

– These are the amazing skills, talents and knowledge that were given, in a particular way, just to us.

– They can be a clear talent such as being able to play piano by ear, or a more subtle wisdom such as knowing the perfect gift to give the people you love, and seeing them light up when you do.

– Taking the time to identify and nurture our unique abilities is an amazing gift to ourselves.

– Finding ways to share them, and taking consistent actions to do so, feels incredible!

Using our unique abilities to be of service to people and causes that we can help uplift is a big worthiness booster.

This is part of why I wrote the newsletter you’re reading now. Thank you for allowing me to share my insights.

I’d love to continue the conversation. Please hit reply and tell me your thoughts on the following:

How do you share your unique abilities and feel your worthiness?

Have you seen the connection between your sense of worthiness and achieving your dreams?

With gratitude,