Hi there, I want to share 5 tools I’m using in my home to keep the vibes high and the stress low. I call it:

B C A L M  

B: best areas of your home

By figuring out where the strongest energies are in your home, you can set up your space to take advantage of good health, improved business, loving relationships, and heightened creativity.

You can use my 2020 Feng Shui tips as a guide, or schedule an online consultation with me.

Knowing we are supported by our home during this time gives us an additional feeling of well being.

C: clean house

This simple action has been proven to help mental (as well as physical) health. The current crisis can be taxing on both.

I like cleaning one little area a day. It’s an instant mood lifter that gives me a small sense of personal power in a world that sometimes seems out of control.

A: active zone

Assign an area that will be your place for daily exercise. It doesn’t have to be a large space. The key is to do physical exercise daily. The benefits are obvious, and we need them now more than ever.

“A” also stands for apps – exercise apps are a fantastic, free resource that provides motivation and structure (“Abs app” is my current fav.)

L: lists – with love

I’m a strong advocate of a written daily schedule along with a clear to-do list. Both things create structure, and help the mind stay focused while providing us with a well deserved feeling of accomplishment.

However, the “with love” part is key right now. Don’t use your lists to hold yourself up to some sort of perfection. This is an imperfect moment where emotions run high and jarring news can trip up best laid plans.

Take it easy. Make a list, then extend the timeline by two or three times what you think it should take to accomplish it.

M: meditation space

Make a special place in your home for daily meditation, prayer, journaling or simply getting quiet and listening to soothing music.

Even if you have to set it up every day, and take it down, I recommend you do it. My meditation teacher taught that by doing spiritual practices in the same place every day, we build up the positive energy in that area.

I think each of us could use a hub of positive energy in our home right now.

Let your home be both your haven and your heaven.

When things start to feel overwhelming, remember to BCALM and see if there is one thing you can do on this list. It helps me a lot and I hope something here helps you, too.

Stay strong and take care,

PS: What are you doing to support your sanity and increase your happiness at home? I’d love to hear your ideas.

PPS: Please share this with someone who wants to create more calm in their home.