Valentine’s day just passed, but it’s never too late for love! Fire up romantic energy at home with these 3 tips:

1. Locate the “hot spot” for love in your home: Based on the feng shui for 2021, the East is strongest for romance.

2. Declutter the area and add the best element: This year, the East needs…you guessed it, FIRE! You can add a candle, a piece of art with red/pink or purple tones, or throw pillows in these colors, just to name a few easy options. (My favs are velvet pillows by Kevin O’Brien)


3. Infuse the space with your vision: What’s your dream of romance? Write a brief vision statement, clip a picture from a magazine or print out an online image and place it in this area. If you’re in a relationship, add a picture of the two of you that makes you happy when you see it.

Make room for love, and love yourself, then watch what happens.

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