Feng Shui your Bed

Hi there! How well is your bed supporting your sleep, heath and well being? I'm going to give you some feng shui tips and show you some good options if you're thinking of making a change. I ...[Read More]

Feng Shui your Bed2023-05-30T10:25:23-04:00

Give Yourself a 60 Minute Home Refresh

One thing I've learned is that Feng Shui leads to big life changes when it is combined with two things: Decluttering & Styling. My new book More Than Just a Pretty Space goes in depth ab ...[Read More]

Give Yourself a 60 Minute Home Refresh2023-05-15T10:10:47-04:00
  • Hotel Feng Shui

Hotel Feng Shui

I’m just back from a trip to Napa, California. To me, the highlight was not the fabulous wine or the warm sunshine, it was the hotel. I’m inspired by design that elevates the mundane into t ...[Read More]

Hotel Feng Shui2023-05-15T10:06:08-04:00
  • Feng Shui Design Tips

Feng Shui Design Tips – Earth Decor

I was recently doing a zoom consultation for a client when I mentioned that she needed to add the element "Earth" to a room, in order to increase business success and fame. She exclaimed "b ...[Read More]

Feng Shui Design Tips – Earth Decor2023-05-15T10:11:57-04:00
  • New Opportunities

Tips to attract new opportunities

This is a great question... Q: Hi Reiko, we would like to know how we should set up our home to let future business opportunities flourish. My contract ends soon and we are open to ideas. T ...[Read More]

Tips to attract new opportunities2023-04-28T11:22:31-04:00
  • Your Questions Answered Part 1

Your Questions, Answered (Part 1)

Hello, and thanks for your home questions! Even if you didn’t ask a question, I think you'll find these helpful. The questions I’ll be answering today address the following: 1. Improving th ...[Read More]

Your Questions, Answered (Part 1)2023-04-28T11:24:35-04:00


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