Sending a warm Aloha,

Here on Oahu, every local person I speak to has a connection to those hurting in Maui. If you’d like to make a gift that will go directly to organizations on the ground helping people in need, please consider giving to (Prayers and loving vibes are also welcomed.)

In Hawaiian mythology, Pele is the Goddess of fires and volcanoes…

She is said to have descended from Sky Father and Earth Mother. This is interesting, since in the productive cycle of natural elements, Earth grounds Fire, while Sky/wind enhances it. This combination of elements keeps Fire in balance.

One of the issues with the wildfires we’ve had in many parts of the world is the fact that the “wood” element in those locations is dead – dry brush from drought conditions allows the fire to run amok.

Our global environmental imbalances are a much bigger issue than I can address here, but I can help you create harmony in your personal environment, and by doing so take a small but positive action in the right direction.

In Feng Shui, Fire energy in its most positive state can lead to fame, success, luck and good public reputation.

In its negative (or let’s say, imbalanced) state, Fire energy can lead to fire accidents, arguments, theft, and even financial ruin.

Here are two tips to create balanced Fire energy and hopefully receive the favor of Goddess Pele in your home and life right now:

Based on the annual feng shui energy shift, 2023 is when the Fire element visits the Northern part of your home. The North is the natural location of the Water element, and as you probably know, Fire and Water do not mix. (While water extinguishes fire in the physical world, on the energetic plane this combination is actually a bit explosive.)

To create harmony, ADD WOOD TO THE NORTH this year. Where possible, add living plants or flowers. If you can’t do that, add images of healthy trees or flowers in artwork, or the color green in your accessories.

Also, this year the Southern part of your home (or office) is strong for attracting money and increasing your good reputation. This is wonderful if you’re seeking publicity for your work. Enhance the good energy by placing FIRE IN THE SOUTH of your home or office.

FIRE can be a lamp with a red shade, lit candles (never leave a lit candle unattended), a fireplace, wood stove, etc. Or if you can’t use actual fire, bring in colors red, hot pink or purple in your accessories.

I see our home as a microcosm of the world. By creating balance and harmony in our personal environment, we create a ripple effect that uplifts our family, our community and the world.

🌈 “A hui hou” (until we meet again),