First, your gift…

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Are you getting in the holiday spirit yet? My mood varies from year to year, but this time around, I’m really in the ho-ho-flow…

I want to give my home a festive vibe, but as a feng shui designer, I don’t change anything in my house without making sure it also improves the energy.

So as you get out your decorations, untangle your string lights and shop for the tree, use these holiday decor tips to bring additional good cheer into your home:

To get the best results, find out where the different compass directions fall in your space (North, South, West, SE, etc). If you need help, the Digital Compass app is a free and easy way to check.

Once you know your east from your west, here are my feng shui tips for each part of your home:

To enhance family harmony over the holidays:

Add Metal décor in the East, Southwest or the Northwest part of your home. Think shimmery silver and gold ornaments (yep, jingle bells work).

There’s nothing like soft gold tones to warm up your holiday table. In addition to metallic colors, white and pale gray are also good.

To amp up the fun at your holiday parties:

Add Fire element to the South. This can be the color red, as well as lit candles and string lights. You can’t go wrong with red ornaments, fresh holly in the wreath, and sparkling lights.

For those who observe Hanukkah, a south window is a great spot for the menorah.

To attract more gifts (or more moola to pay for the gifts you give):

Add decor made of Earth to the Northeast part of your house.
Earth can be colorful agate ornaments or crystal accessories. I love these faceted crystal trees from ABC Home.

To keep your health strong throughout the holidays:

Add Water to the Southeast or West. It doesn’t need to be actual water, you can decorate with colors blue or black. Perhaps a tree in various shades of blue?

To ring in romance (new or existing):

In the North of your home, add Wood such as plants or the color green. This is a perfect spot for the Christmas tree, a large potted poinsettia, or fresh garland.

The north is also an ideal place for cuddling up with your special someone (or hanging that mistletoe to draw them in ;)

My gift to you:

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Wishing you happy, harmonious holidays,