Oppenheimer and the science behind getting the life we want

Since I explored the feng shui of Barbieland in a recent post, its only right that I give a nod to the other half of the “Barbieheimer” phenomenon.

You might be surprised to learn that Oppenheimer (the man) has helped us understand the connection between creating good energy in our space and attracting good things into our life. Not because he was secretly a feng shui master, but because he was a master of quantum physics!

“While Oppenheimer will always be recognized as the father of the atomic bomb, his early contributions to quantum mechanics form the bedrock of modern quantum chemistry.
– Daniel MorenoThe Conversation

I’m a bit of a quantum physics nerd, and in my book, More Than Just a Pretty Space, I describe the connection between the basic principles of quantum physics and how it can help you live the life you want.

“Quantum physics is proving what enlightened masters have been teaching for thousands of years: Our minds literally sculpt our world. Not just conceptually, but physically.”
– Reiko Gomez, More Than Just a Pretty Space

When you decorate your home in a deliberate manner, you bombard your senses with your vision. This causes your thoughts and emotions to quickly come into alignment. With the positive reinforcement of your surroundings, your mind slowly but steadily affects your physical reality.

Wild, right?! 🤯

By combining feng shui principles with design choices that reflect your personal aspirations, you create a life-sized model of the life that you want. Then, as you observe these design features repeatedly—and experience the powerful positive emotions they inspire—you begin to pull those things into your experience.

Stated another way, your home is an outer layer of you. By properly arranging and aligning your physical space, you can play a role in attracting your dreams into your life in many different forms.

A couple of questions for you to consider:

–       What is your space saying to you right now? And can you see what it is attracting to you as a result?

–       What do you want to change in your life? And what can you change in your space to focus your thoughts on what you want, so that you can draw it to you?

Whatever you think of Oppenheimer’s role in the atomic bomb, perhaps you can appreciate how the work of quantum scientists like him have helped us understand our personal power when it comes to creating positive changes in our life.

To the life of your dreams,