“Dear Reiko, I incorporated your suggestions and everything felt so aligned in my life…I was able to save up for a new home, I found my husband, and we now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy together!”


–  Helen
Ontario, Canada

Feng shui sometimes blows my mind (and I’m a feng shui expert)!

I’m thrilled for Helen, but not surprised at the results. Why? Because she got feng shui consultations at key moments in her life. With that knowledge, she consciously arranged her space to attract what she wanted.
Here’s a quick timeline of how she went about achieving her dreams:

Part 1: Around six years ago, Helen first approached me for a feng shui consultation of her modern high rise apartment. Among other things, she wanted to attract a loving, romantic relationship.

I created a custom feng shui report showing the different energies in her space. Every home has its unique feng shui energy layout. (Tip: for the most accurate reading, hire a “flying star” feng shui expert.)

Part 2: A few years later, Helen reached out again. She had met a wonderful man, and they were buying a townhouse together!

This time, before making an offer on the space, she wanted me to do a reading on two potential homes, and tell her which one had the best energy for her and her boyfriend.

I gave her my Feng Shui Real Estate Assessment, it’s a quick, simplified reading for people who are house hunting and want to know they’re making the best choice.

I did the feng shui of both spaces and compared them to Helen and her partner’s personal feng shui. I let them know which home was more compatible for them, and they decided to buy that townhouse.

Part 3: Shortly after that, Helen also asked for a Feng Shui Office Consultation which helped set up her business for success.
Part 4: Fast forward to this year: Helen contacted me to let me know that she had gotten married and has a beautiful baby boy!

Now she wanted a larger home where they could grow as a family. Before purchasing the house that they were interested in, she asked me to once again do a Feng Shui Real Estate Assessment to make sure it would support her family.

The energy of that house was only so-so, and not quite as strong for health as she wanted for her young son. So, she asked me to do a reading of a second house they had been considering.

The energy there was wonderful. They made an offer right away and got the house!

Part 5: Helen then asked for a Feng Shui Consultation with Full Report to help them design and arrange their new home. Using my detailed report as a roadmap, they selected paint, furniture, artwork and accessories based on the best feng shui colors and elements for each room.

They recently moved in, and I can’t wait to see how Helen’s life unfolds from here!

As your life changes and your goals evolve, having feng shui consultations done by a professional feng shui expert along the way ensures that your space consistently helps you attract the people, opportunities, and experiences that you most want.

Over time, you might just find that it leads to the life of your dreams.💗

What would you like to attract into your life? Hit reply and let me know! We can do a full reading or a quick check-up to help you bring that into your life.

To your dreams,

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