As we enter the season of autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s the perfect moment to share some tips on how you can bring the warm, nurturing Earth element into your home.

In feng shui, earth is considered to be grounding and calming, and when it’s placed in the correct part of your home, it can also improve your finances! Earth represents investments—specifically buying and selling real estate—improving your property value, and building overall wealth.

So, what does the Earth Element look like?

In your home, elements would be design features made of crystal, stone, brick, or ceramic. These could range from architectural details of the house itself—floors, walls and ceiling—down to furniture, lighting and accessories.

Or, you can add Earth colors to your home. Think of earth tones such as cream, brown, yellow or orange. This could be the color of paint, furniture, rugs, pillows or artwork. If you think of a picture of the desert at sunset, all those warm shades are great earth tones.

Where should you put Earth in your home?

It’s important to place the Earth element in the correct part of your space to attract what you want. This will depend on the feng shui of your home, and there are two ways to figure that out:

1. You can check out my free tips for 2023. These are my feng shui recommendations for each year (based on the Annual Feng Shui energy) and are good until 2024, when I will post my tips for that year.

2. For more powerful long-lasting results, I recommend getting an advanced feng shui reading of your home. The feng shui of your house never changes, so once you know where Earth is needed and how it will improve your space (and life), you can feel good about painting that wall or buying that crystal chandelier.

Ways to decorate using Earth element:

Once you know where earth is needed in your space, you can think about what would work with your style. Perhaps you want to add Earth in lighting (such as alabaster sconces or a ceramic bedside lamp), a rug (with shades of cream and tan), or a pop of color in an armchair or pillows (in yellow or orange).

To give you some ideas, here are a few ways I’ve decorated with Earth…

For my client’s young son, I designed his bedroom using Earth colors orange and yellow:

I designed this bathroom in Earth tones of tan and cream, with a marble topped vanity and rope wrapped mirror, on a porcelain tile floor with a mosaic tile border in earth tones:

If you don’t like earth colors, that’s not a problem! For the breakfast nook of my clients’ beach house, I added Earth by using a marble table topped with a crystal beaded chandelier.

For this kitchen remodel, removing the sheetrock uncovered beautiful brick walls. Add to that a a custom concrete waterfall counter, and we had a warm, beautiful space that needed no color:

As the days grow cooler, consider bringing the Earth element into your space. Cozy earth can ramp up the hygge factor, and might also increase your home’s value at the same time!

To a peaceful, grounding & nurturing fall,