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TWA Hotel

“Flow is a word often associated with feng shui. It means that the layout of your space allows the energy (or qi) to move easily. A space with flow is believed to bring abundance, inspirati ...[Read More]

TWA Hotel2024-02-21T13:41:19-05:00
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Feng Shui Your Rental

As a feng shui designer I’ve learned what makes a home welcoming and uplifting, including a rental. I’ve styled a house to rent on Airbnb and I’ve also rented many homes through Airbnb. Her ...[Read More]

Feng Shui Your Rental2024-01-08T11:41:25-05:00
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How to Get Your House in Order

Well, after years of pandemic living followed by a long, wet, gray winter, this bear feels like she’s finally coming out of hibernation 🐻 and ready to “get my house in order.” But what does ...[Read More]

How to Get Your House in Order2024-02-21T13:46:30-05:00
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Feng Shui your Bed

How well is your bed supporting your sleep, health and wellbeing? I’m going to give you some feng shui tips and show you some good options if you’re thinking of making a change. I was recen ...[Read More]

Feng Shui your Bed2024-02-21T13:49:56-05:00
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A Consciousness Shift

I used to eat foods that made me feel lousy, but they were so deeelicious I didn’t want to give them up. What happened? Eventually my body said “enough!” It became clear that I had to stop ...[Read More]

A Consciousness Shift2024-01-08T11:59:24-05:00
  • Live to 120 Years Old Part 2 feng shui consultant

Live to 120 Years Old – Part 2

HI! In my last letter, I shared the 3 Keys to Longevity, based on Ilchi Lee’s empowering book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years. In short, they are: 1. Life Purpose: having a clear reason to ...[Read More]

Live to 120 Years Old – Part 22024-02-21T13:58:09-05:00
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Live to 120 Years old

I’m reading a book on how to live to 120 years old. That idea is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Nowadays people routinely live to over 100, and with technological and medical breakthr ...[Read More]

Live to 120 Years old2024-02-21T14:02:36-05:00
  • How I Tap Into My Intuition feng shui consultant

How I Tap into my Intuition

Every morning after meditation, when my mind is quiet and my heart is open, I journal. I often write a question to the Universe (which one might call God, Higher Power, the Inner Self, etc. ...[Read More]

How I Tap into my Intuition2024-01-08T12:13:22-05:00
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Give Yourself a 60 Minute Home Refresh

One thing I’ve learned is that Feng Shui leads to big life changes when it is combined with two things: Decluttering & Styling. My new book More Than Just a Pretty Space goes in depth a ...[Read More]

Give Yourself a 60 Minute Home Refresh2024-01-08T12:08:02-05:00


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