Every morning after meditation, when my mind is quiet and my heart is open, I journal.

I often write a question to the Universe (which one might call God, Higher Power, the Inner Self, etc.) asking for clarity around a topic, or the next step to take on some endeavor. Then, without any agenda, I start writing.

What flows onto the page is often quite amazing. In fact, these journaling sessions formed the basis of several chapters of my book, More Than Just a Pretty Space. This is why (I might go out on a limb here) so many people who have read it report having powerful, transformational experiences and serendipitous positive changes in their life.

I don’t take credit for this. The journaling sessions allow the voice of the universe to flow through me onto the page.

Here’s a practical example: yesterday while journaling I asked for help finding the right person to help me with something. As I began writing, the name of a company showed up. I didn’t know why (since I have no connection to the company) but I’ve learned to take action on these things when they appear in the journal. So, I made my way to my computer and looked up the company.

A Google search led to the names of a few people who worked there. I clicked on one name and was taken to their LinkedIn page. While I didn’t know this individual, I saw that we were linked by someone, a lovely woman I had worked with years ago and haven’t spoken to in over a decade.

I realized she might be the perfect person to help me with the very thing I had asked about in my journal writing. I reached out to her and we had a wonderful conversation. As it turns out, her skills match exactly what I’ve been looking for, and we plan to start working together right away.

Clarity versus control

I used to be a full-blown control freak. I’ve since learned that my need to control and manage things was simply a coping mechanism for fear – fear of the unknown, fear of doing it wrong, fear of not being good enough. Control took my mind off the fear and made me think I was taking care of things and being a responsible person.

Sometimes the things I micromanaged turned out ok, sometimes they didn’t. But in general, I worked harder and got mixed results.

Today, to the best of my ability, I catch myself when I see I’m trying to control things and gently remind myself to turn to my inner source of clarity and support. I can take a moment, quiet my mind, and pick up my journal in order to reestablish that more enjoyable (and ultimately more successful) path.

When I let go and listen, the answers arise.

How do you connect with your intuition? Please share with me.
If you try my journaling method, I’d love to hear your results.

May your days flow with clarity and ease,