TWA Hotel

“Flow is a word often associated with feng shui. It means that the layout of your space allows the energy (or qi) to move easily. A space with flow is believed to bring abundance, inspiration, and exciting new opportunities into your life.” – Excerpt from More Than Just A Pretty Space

When I recently stepped into the TWA Hotel, housed in the landmark TWA airline terminal at JFK airport in New York, the first thing I thought was “what wonderful flow!”

Built in 1962 by famous mid-century architect, Eero Saarinsen. He said he wanted the building to “capture the spirit of flight.” The outside resembles a bird with its wings spread wide, while the interior spaces wrap and curve seamlessly.

Actually, everything in the space is curved (a dream for this feng shui designer!)

The architect chose a vibrant red accent color throughout.

It is a nice compliment to all the curves, creating a sense of energy and movement that speaks to the thrill of travel at the start of the jet age when it was built…

It actually made me feel a little more enthusiastic about flying!

The terminal was shuttered when TWA went out of business in 2001, but brought back to it’s former glory when it was restored as a hotel in 2019.

This landmark building is linked to the JetBlue terminal, and makes a fantastic place to chill, grab a bite, and feel the flow before heading to your flight.

PS: How’s the flow in your home? If you’d like help getting your qi moving, just drop me a note!


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