How to Get Your House in Order

Well, after years of pandemic living followed by a long, wet, gray winter, this bear feels like she’s finally coming out of hibernation 🐻
and ready to “get my house in order.” But what does that really mean?

Dictionary Definition: If someone “gets their house in order” it means they’ve arranged their affairs and solved their problems.

I think when our house is in order, our life feels like it’s on track:

Our thinking is clear
Our decisions are strong
Our energy is freed up to focus on what’s most important

“Think of your house as sacred space, not storage space.”
– Francine Jay

So how can you get your house in order?

There’s the obvious: decluttering, repairing broken items, donating what you no longer need or love…

Beyond that, there’s organizing important documents and making sure you’re up to date with all filings and payments…

It also includes digital clutter, cleaning up your email inbox, removing unused apps from your phone, canceling streaming channels you don’t watch, etc.

Feng Shui and storage

When thinking about how to store your stuff, it’s always better to place items in closed cabinets rather than on open shelves. The one exception is when it’s in a room like a basement or a garage. There, it’s ok to have open shelving as long as the storage is neatly contained and labeled.

When I’m working with a client on their storage plan, we discuss the size of the items, how often they need to be accessed, and the underlying energy reading of the house to determine where best to store them.

What are 2 things you could do this week to get your house in order? Feel free to hit reply and share them with me (sometimes it helps to let somebody else know)!

And of course, you can also reach out to discuss the services I offer. My approach always includes looking for ways to bring more harmony to your space, so you’re freed up to focus on what matters most.

“Your first job is to work on yourself. The greatest thing you can do for another human being is to get your own house in order and find your true spiritual heart.”
– Ram Dass

Wishing you clarity, peace, and joy – in your home and in your life,


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