Give Yourself a 60 Minute Home Refresh

One thing I’ve learned is that Feng Shui leads to big life changes when it is combined with two things: Decluttering & Styling.

My new book More Than Just a Pretty Space goes in depth about how to apply these three elements. Here’s a quick-start version that you can do right away:

First, pick a room you want to refresh. Then create a one sentence vision for the space and how you’d like it to support you in your life. Write it as if it’s already so. For example: “My living room makes me smile every time I enter, it’s beautiful and calming and helps me slow down and appreciate my life.”

In the first 20 minutes, declutter a bit: toss out what is old, broken or no longer useful. Remove any items you want to give away or donate (I often put those things in the trunk of my car so I’m reminded to drop them off at my local charity asap).

Use the next 20 minutes to do a little styling: rearrange the furniture so it flows better and looks more like your vision statement. Consider ordering a few simple accessories like new throw pillows, a nice lamp, and anything that feels more in keeping with your vision.

Take the last 20 mins to feng shui: check out my feng shui tips for this year to determine what element and color is most powerful for that part of your house. Then add those things to the room (such as candles for Fire element, crystals for Earth element, or the recommended colors, etc).

In 60 minutes you have a refreshed, reenergized room that better fits you and the life you want to live.

I walk you step-by-step through this process and many others in my book (which I’m delighted to see recently hit #1 on Amazon’s new releases list :) If you purchased the book, a very warm thank you!

It’s easy to live the life of your dreams, when you start at home.🏡


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