5 Lighting Tips to Lift Your Energy and Mood

Does your house have enough light?

Good Feng Shui means living in an environment where the qi (energy) is balanced.

Light is a form of energy, and as the days get shorter, many of us (me included) are negatively impacted by the lack of daylight.

This can lead to feelings of fatigue, loneliness, or depression. So it’s important to take steps to ramp up the energy in our space and support ourselves through the winter months.

You can use this quick checklist ensure your home has enough light:

1. Maximize the natural light in your space by opening window treatments all the way. If your window shades don’t fully clear your window, consider replacing them.

2. Assess the lighting in your space and if a room is too dim, add a floor or table lamp.

3. On darker days, it’s ok to turn on the lights inside the house. Just because it’s daytime doesn’t necessarily mean you have enough light in your space. (Remember, this is about more than just seeing the things around you, it’s about keeping your energy high.)

4. Use mirrors. If a part of your home gets limited natural light, you can hang a mirror to reflect more light into the space.

5. If you feel your energy is lagging or you can’t seem to shake a down mood, consider getting a light therapy lamp (here’s the one I use). It’s a simple act of self-care that can really lift your spirit.

The outer light of our environment and the inner light of our self are connected. By taking care to enhance the light in your space, you nurture your own light so that you can share it with the world.

Warm winter wishes,


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