I’m just back from a trip to Napa, California. To me, the highlight was not the fabulous wine or the warm sunshine, it was the hotel.

I’m inspired by design that elevates the mundane into the sublime and allows me to step into an exciting new experience.

Of course, I always consider the good energy of the space as well.

Here are 5 questions I ask when evaluating the Feng Shui of a hotel:


1. Does it invite me in?

Feng Shui is about attraction. The exterior of the hotel and the entry lobby area should draw me in.

On my visit to the R Inn in Napa I was immediately wowed by the lobby. They made the most of a long, tall space by adding large hanging fixtures to accentuate the height.

They also incorporated built-in banquettes to create ample seating without crowding the relatively narrow room (and I’m a sucker for those teal velvet chairs!)


2. Does it ask me to stay and hang out?

Beautiful areas that welcome you to sit and relax are crucial for good feng shui design.

In addition to the lobby, this hotel had at least three delightful outdoor gathering spaces that made use of the mild northern California climate and lovely grounds.


3. Does it provide delicious food and drinks?

Never underestimate the role your stomach plays in your overall experience of a hotel.

In addition to a complimentary bottle of wine, the communal kitchen was stocked with endless snacks and a professional espresso bar – a big hit with me and my hubby.


4. Does it incorporate nature into its design?

Has the hotel added a water feature, a fireplace, plants and other natural elements into the space?

Good feng shui has a balance of all these elements, and the R Inn did a great job. The fireplace in the lobby, the water feature in the courtyard, and beautiful plantings throughout made the hotel feel vibrant and alive, while at the same time calming.


5. Does it take good care of me, and is it committed to my well being?

This is where high tech elements play a big role.

Just because a space is connected to nature doesn’t mean that it needs to be in the stone age.

Features like keyless entry, motorized blackout shades, automated bed settings, and a toilet that does everything, elevate a hotel stay into a luxury experience.

Good hotel feng shui starts with beautiful design – but goes well beyond that to include a full sensory experience of ease, nurturing and upliftment. These are details we can take into our homes as well.

Do you have a favorite hotel? Hit reply and tell me about it, I’m always looking for the next great stay.

PS: You can help Ukrainians sleep in a warm bed tonight 🌻

These charities are providing housing to displaced families:

Airbnb.org is housing 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine (scroll down their page to the donate tab)

Habitat for Humanity is providing hotel vouchers for Ukrainians entering Poland and several other countries