Feng Shui Q&A: Bathtub in the Bedroom

A client recently purchased a new apartment that came with a big surprise…a huge soaking tub in the bedroom (see above).

She asked me:

Q: “What does feng shui say about a bathtub in the bedroom?”

A: Consciously delineating different areas for different parts of your life creates clarity and serenity.

For example, a home office allows you to focus on your work, and close the door and walk away from business at the end of the day.
I’m not a fan of people doing work in their bedroom for this reason. Keeping the bedroom focused on rest and romance helps attract more of both.

In the same way, there are certain activities that feel best when done in the privacy of a bathroom – bathing is one of them!

In rare cases, if a person really loves to soak for hours and would prefer to be in their bedroom while doing it, a bathtub in the bedroom might be ok. The act of soaking isn’t completely at odds with the bedroom’s roll of rest and romance.

However, 90% of the time these two activities do not naturally go together. Therefore, I would not recommend it.

My client felt that it didn’t work with her lifestyle, and decided to remove the tub. In that newly freed up space, she’s creating a cozy seating area where she can meditate, do yoga and journal. Those activities go perfectly in the bedroom.

Are there areas of your home where you’re doing activities that don’t belong together? If so, how can you create separate zones for each activity? Honoring the different parts of your life will create more flow and ease in your environment.

Would you like a bathtub in your bedroom? Hit reply and tell me why or why not, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Wishing you a home (and a life) of your dreams,

PS: If you’d like help with your space just ask. I’d be happy to give you specific ways to energize your home and arrange it to reflect what you love.


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