“Hi Barbie”, “Hi Barbie”, “Hi Barbie…”

So goes the opening of the Barbie movie, as Margot Robbie awakens in her bed, looks out at all the other Barbies in their beds in their see-through homes, and everyone waves to each other with a big smile.

Isn’t that how you’d like to start your day? Every neighbor on your block seeing you, groggy, disheveled, and bleary eyed, first thing the morning?

Yep, me too. In fact, here I am just this morning 😉

Of course, Barbieland is a made-up world where houses have no walls and everyone always looks perfect (except for Weird Barbie, who I adored).

The amazing life-sized, hot pink neighborhood they created for the big screen was pretty awe inspiring. But the feng shui designer in me couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with so much exposure…

Barbieland needs better boundaries!

So here are a few feng shui tips to turn Barbie’s dreamhouse (and yours) into a place you’d actually love living in…

Privacy: Are you seeing too much of your neighbors…or are they seeing too much of you?

“It’s see-through so we can see each other! All the Barbies in their dream houses wake up in the morning and they can wave at each other.” Margot Robbie takes you inside the Barbie Dreamhouse for Architectural Digest

This might be a fun detail for a movie—or a toy—but not a real home. Do you feel like you’re on display at home? Can your neighbors (or people on the street) see you when you’re inside?

Not having a feeling of privacy in your home can negatively impact your sense of safety and security, and affect your sleep. Luckily, this situation is easily remedied through the right window coverings.

Often, a top-down style of window shade is a good solution (especially in the bedroom) because it allows views of the treetops and sky, while keeping the lower half of the window covered, ensuring privacy.

Nature: Is your home filled with more plastic than plants?

“There is no water in Barbieland. There’s no water or fire, there are no elements. Even though it’s fake, it’s really beautiful, like everything in Barbieland.” – Margot Robbie

Luckily, the real world has an abundance of natural elements, and feng shui believes they are vital to our health and wellbeing.

Does your home have water, plants, metal, earth and fire? You can learn exactly where to put each element to attract more of the things you want in your life by getting your copy of my free tips for this year, or having a personalized feng shui reading of your home.

Play: Have you made room for fun and magic in your dream house?

“Walking into [Barbieland] and feeling the artistry and the love and the playfulness was just so exciting!” – Margot Robbie

I write about this in my book, More Than Just a Pretty Space: “As you flit about your own dream-designed space, see if you can find ways to make the experience a bit magical. View your story through an enchanted lens. Aim for a sense that all kinds of wondrous things could happen in your life and that a little miracle waits for you around every corner.”

How can you do this? Maybe you can add some playful accessories and unexpected artwork, create a hidden closet or cabinet where you store your “secret items,” or add a pole and disco ball in the basement for sexy dance workouts. I’ve had the chance to create some whimsical spaces for my clients over the years, and have found that everyone loves a room that feels fun, youthful, and free.

Barbie might not score so high on the “privacy” and “plastic” meter, but she makes up for it on the playfulness scale!

How about you? How can you make your dreamhouse a little dreamier?