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Here comes Spring! And along with it, my decluttering checklist, to get you in the mood to toss out the old and make room for new people and opportunities to flow into your life…

But first, I REALLY hope to see you this Sunday in NYC for our Spring Refresh event! 🌷 There’ll be Feng Shui and organizing tips, light bites, and signed copies of my book. Come join us as we welcome the season together. Your invitation is below.

Spring Decluttering Checklist

To maintain good Feng Shui energy in your space, its important to ensure that you remove all those things that are not helping you reach your goals. Consider these common forms of clutter:


    • Books: Honestly ask yourself which ones you don’t plan on reading or will never read again, and let them go. (There are great used book thrift stores who would be happy to take them.


    • Knick-knacks: Keep only those few that have great sentimental value, and give away the rest.


    • Plants: Are they all healthy and lush? Prune the ones you can save, and let the rest go.


    • Dried flowers: are dead energy, toss.


    • Excess furniture: Too much furniture blocks the movement of Qi energy. Consider which pieces you really use on a daily basis, and let a good charity take the rest.


    • Gifts people gave you: You’re under no obligation to keep something that doesn’t suit you. Give it away.


    • Artwork: The images on our wall make a powerful impression in our minds, effects our mood, and can determine what we attract into our lives. Even a piece of “fine art” may not be fine for you if it brings up negative associations. Make a conscious decision about the artwork you select and where it’s placed in your space.


    • Papers Papers Papers! We acquire so much paper in the course of our life, but thankfully its recyclable. Setting up systems that help you sort through a few papers every day is key to avoiding overwhelm.


Which leads me to my final tip – keep it simple. Start with one small project at a time, so that you can feel the joy of accomplishment, and build your confidence.

Here’s your personal invitation :)

Join us in Manhattan this Sunday, March 24 from 3-5pm at Alchemy Space, 119 W. 23rd St. Suite 710. We’ll be talking feng shui, organizing, and living the life of your dreams!


Wishing you a spring filled with joy and new beginnings,