How to Feng Shui Your Home Reno

I can’t tell you how many people first contact me immediately after doing a renovation, telling me that “as nice as the place looks, it doesn’t quite feel right.”

Of course, feng shui can still be helpful after the fact, but it’s SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful when it’s done before the reno – that’s the time when simple adjustments can be made to get the energy just right.

“There are many virtues to an exquisitely styled space,
but if the deeper principles are not considered during its
creation, there’s a missed opportunity for a more enriching
experience.” – More Than Just a Pretty Space

Are you planning a home improvement? Before you start, think about how you can bring good energy into your space by using feng shui. This way, you ensure that your end result not only looks good but also feels wonderful.

A few things to consider:

1. Create a harmonious layout: Feng shui works on the principle of flow. Review your plans to ensure the new layout creates a balanced and harmonious flow. Are rooms well proportioned? Do they allow for optimal furniture layout? Does the renovated area integrate naturally with the rest of the home? (If you’re looking for help, I offer a feng shui review of construction plans)

2. Enhance natural light: Sunlight is an important element in feng shui. It brings positive energy into a space and can improve overall health and well-being. Can your renovation allow for more natural light, such as adding skylights or larger windows?

3. Incorporate natural elements: Consider adding a water feature to your renovation. The sound of moving water has been shown to calm the nervous system and improve focus. A wall or tabletop fountain can transform the feeling of your space. (See the best spot in your home for the water element in my annual tips.)

4. Declutter, and plan ways to keep your new-and-improved space from getting cluttered again: Before renovating, consider which items you will want and need in the space, and make sure you’ve planned the right amount of storage for those items. Let “A place for everything, and everything in its place” be your mantra as you create an open, organized environment.

5. Improve indoor air quality: Good air quality is important in feng shui, and for healthy living in general. Consider upgrading your ventilation system, and try to use non-toxic building materials where possible to improve and protect your health.

6. Create a space for meditation and reflection: Including a designated space where you can quiet the mind and reconnect with yourself, creates a peaceful environment that permeates the overall energy of your home.

Incorporating feng shui principles into your renovation – from the very start of your planning – can help ensure a harmonious and balanced environment that looks good, feels good and supports the flow of positive energy into your life.

Making small changes to your space can truly lead to big changes in your life!

PS. If you’d like some support I’m here to help. Just hit reply if you’d like to discuss your project.


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