Feng Shui Full Report with Zoom call

This is a complete, in-depth analysis of your space along with a detailed report and zoom call to give you all the tools you need to energize your home.

  • An advanced, custom feng shui reading of your home using my proprietary GAT technology to get highly accurate readings anywhere in the world. (Also called Flying Star Feng Shui reading.)
  • A detailed Feng Shui Report that clearly displays the energy zones in your home. This report is like an energetic blueprint for you to follow, showing all of the strengths and weaknesses in your space, and how best to address them
  • Clear Feng Shui remedies and enhancers, along with selections of best colors, materials and natural elements that will neutralize the weak areas and fully maximize the strong ones.
  • Personal feng shui tips for each family member, based on their birthday.
  • A 45-minute phone call with me, to discuss the full scope of your home’s energy, including all Feng Shui remedies and enhancers to maximize the full potential of your entire space.
  • Up to 3 emails to answer any follow up questions.

Pricing depends on size of the space and complexity of the analysis. Drop us a note to tell us about your space and we’ll get back to you quickly with a quote.

A New Direction in Life

Reiko, Thank you so much. Maybe for you I’m just another customer, but for me having found you at the right time of my life means everything. You may not know this but you are helping me find a new direction in my life. Thank you so much.

Anateresa P.

Feng Shui Real Estate Assessment 

Are you house hunting? Ensure you make the best decision by checking the energy of the house first. 

  • This is a Feng Shui “quick reading” to determine if a prospective space has any inherent weaknesses you should know about before committing (such as issues that could impact health or wealth).
  • I give you a simple energy overview of the property in the form of bullet points noting strengths and weaknesses
  • I tell you how well the home will work for each family member, based on their birthday.
  • I give a feng shui rating for the space on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • People often get a real estate assessment on two or more properties when they are not sure which one to choose. There is a discount for more than one assessment. (Please note how many assessments you would like.)

If you’d like to purchase this service, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you quickly.

A Wonderful House with Beautiful Energy

I wanted to tell you that your suggestions last year were so helpful! I did all of my research about the house and the mortgage from the desk space you recommended and you were totally right: Joe and I found a wonderful house, at a great price with beautiful energy! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Kristin B.
New Jersey

Feng Shui Review of Construction Plans

If you’re planning a renovation, an addition or are planning to build a new home, do this before you start! 

  • An advanced Feng Shui reading of the site and existing house (if there is one).
  • A full review of construction drawings based on the Feng Shui analysis.
  • Specific suggestions on layout and design adjustments for optimal flow, harmony and good energy.
  • Best colors and natural elements for each area.
  • Includes notated construction plans showing all recommendations

Price varies based on size of space. Please contact us for a quote.

Architect Approved

I am an architect and collaborated with Reiko on a large, high-end new construction home. As an expert in Feng Shui principles, Reiko consulted with us to ensure the house was designed to embrace the positive and avoid the negative, resulting in the inspiration for a unique, one of a kind design. Reiko is a knowledgeable and competent team player with an understanding of how to collaborate on ideas without letting pride or ego get in the way of a smooth design process. She was a pleasure to work with and I am sure any client would be in good hands if they decided to work with Reiko.

Lucian V.

Commercial Design Services

I’ve worked with numerous restaurants, hotels, spas, and Corporate offices and know they often have special requirements. Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your project.

Services may include:

  • Analysis of construction drawings
  • Siting of a new building for optimal energy
  • Providing feng shui guidance to in-house design team working on renovations, new construction or rebranding
  • Meeting with an architectural firm to discuss ways of integrating good feng shui into existing plans

Please contact us for a quote.

An Expert’s Advice

Hello Reiko, Thanks! Thanks! And many thanks! This weekend had been fantastic business at the restaurant. My husband and I have many times discussed that it is good we did the Feng Shui analysis and received an expert’s advice. Thanks once again, Warm regards.

Hetal H.
Beijing, China

Or reach out to discuss your unique project.

What makes my online Feng Shui readings different? I use my proprietary Global Alignment Technology (GAT) on every project to ensure the most accurate compass reading. 

  • Advanced feng shui readings only work if they’re accurate. My advanced system integrates four software layers to achieve pinpoint accuracy worldwide (even incorporating key data utilized by NASA). GAT readings are so accurate that I use them even when visiting a property in person and taking a physical compass reading onsite. The GAT reading and my physical compass reading are always a perfect match.
  • GAT goes way beyond Google Earth. While I believe that all Feng Shui Consultants are committed to their client’s well-being, if another Feng Shui service tells you they can provide an accurate online consultation, ask for more details. Google earth alone will not give a correct compass reading for feng shui calculations.
  • Unfortunately, some online Feng Shui practitioners get their remote readings wrong. Clients have come to me after receiving online readings from others and not seeing results. When I cross-check those Feng Shui readings, they are usually off by a significant margin.
  • It took us a long time to develop the GAT technology, and I pride myself on offering advanced, accurate Feng Shui readings. I’ve been honored to work with clients from every corner of the globe who come back to me again and again.