I used to eat foods that made me feel lousy, but they were so deeelicious I didn’t want to give them up. What happened? Eventually my body said “enough!” It became clear that I had to stop eating them or face real health issues. It was painful to let those foods go at first, but today my head is clearer, my body is lighter, and my mood is better.

My experience taught me to pay attention to how food makes me feel. Today, I make note of the connection between what I eat and how my body responds. This new awareness has given me a markedly better quality of life. And guess what? I do a similar thing with my physical space.

This is what feng shui achieves. By helping us become more conscious of how our space makes us feel, we can choose to make small shifts that make us feel better and live better.

They might seem relatively inconsequential, but one small change in our surroundings can have a big impact on our mood…which leads to our thoughts…which leads to our actions and to the results we get in life.

And to be clear, this is not about how your space looks, it’s about how it feels. Only you get to decide what a good feeling space looks like. (Lead from how it feels, and trust me, it will look great.)

Try this quick exercise:

What is one word you’d like to feel more of, right now?
(some examples are: peace, happiness, enthusiasm, courage, love, etc.)

With that word in mind: What is one thing you could shift in your space to feel more of that?

The answer might be simple. The word that came to me was “power.” Sitting here at my desk in my home office, I looked around and realized that when the door to my office is open, I feel less powerful. It feels like my attention and energy is being pulled out of the room.

So, I closed my office door and sat back down – I immediately felt better! I’m going to make a habit of closing my office door when I’m working.

One thing you could adjust in your space might be:

–   Moving the furniture
–   Adding or removing a piece of artwork
–   Brining in a mirror to reflect more light (or to see behind you, if you work in a cubicle)
–   Adding nature such as plants, flowers, a water fountain or lit candle
–   Increasing the light in the room by adding a lamp or fully opening the window shades
–   Something else…

When you start to see the impact of simple shifts in your space, you may get inspired to take bigger steps, leading to major life changes. This is exactly what I’ve experienced in my own life, and what I’ve seen in the lives of my clients.

Here’s to feeling good, right now!

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More Than Just a Pretty Space, or contact me for a Feng Shui or Dream Design consultation. ✨