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How I gave up coffee

My name is Reiko, and I’m a coffeeholic. Today is day 30 without coffee (or any caffeine). I was a hardcore user, at least 4 cups a day. I own two coffee makers, two Nespresso machines, hun ...[Read More]

How I gave up coffee2023-01-05T12:21:27-05:00

Tips to attract new opportunities

This is a great question... Q: Hi Reiko, we would like to know how we should set up our home to let future business opportunities flourish. My contract ends soon and we are open to ideas. T ...[Read More]

Tips to attract new opportunities2023-01-05T12:25:10-05:00

Make room for love 💓

Valentines day just passed, but its never too late for love! Fire up romantic energy at home with these 3 tips: 1. Locate the “hot spot” for love in your home: Based on the feng shui for 20 ...[Read More]

Make room for love 💓2023-01-06T13:02:33-05:00

Your Questions, Answered (Part 1)

Hello, and thanks for your home questions! Even if you didn’t ask a question, I think you'll find these helpful. The questions I’ll be answering today address the following: 1. Improving th ...[Read More]

Your Questions, Answered (Part 1)2023-01-06T13:05:35-05:00

Answered: your top home questions

Hi! Answering your questions has been a lot of fun, and we are not done yet. Today we will discuss: Decluttering and organizing tips Best bed style for good sleep (& better romance) Mak ...[Read More]

Answered: your top home questions2023-01-05T12:21:23-05:00

Decluttering Tips From a Pro

How to organize your home for good energy...   Many of you asked for decluttering and organizing tips on my survey: "Does your home make you happy?" Today I’m pleased to give you some exper ...[Read More]

Decluttering Tips From a Pro2023-01-06T13:10:35-05:00

Your Home’s Breath & Your Health

Hello Sunshine, Qi (“Chi”) is the circulating life force energy. When Qi is strong, health is often strong. Since we know that confined indoor spaces can be breeding grounds for the virus, i ...[Read More]

Your Home’s Breath & Your Health2023-01-06T13:11:35-05:00

Restart Smart-2

Hi there, Are you antsy to get into action? I relate! In part two of restart smart, I give feng shui design tips based on two more clients who are optimistically and enthusiastically plannin ...[Read More]

Restart Smart-22023-01-06T13:13:29-05:00
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